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Remebering Srebrenica-National Board Meeting


Remembering Srebrenica UK national board meeting

Newland House, Birmingham B16 8UA

Thursday 19 November 2015

1200   Arrival

1215  Lunch

1245   Welcome and introduction: Dr Waqar Azmi - UK chairman

1255   20th anniversary: A year in review

         Getting our messages across in 2015:

Presentation by Tony Moran, Director (paper #1 attached)

         2015 events what we achieved locally across the UK:

Presentation by Amy Drake, Deputy Director (paper #2 attached)

         Case studies and pledges: Good examples from 2015

Presentation by Amelia Handy, Executive Officer

         Questions and discussion

1325   Regional perspectives from chairs/deputies

-       Board successes in 2015

1355   Work programme for 2016 2019

         Presentation by Dr Waqar Azmi

         Questions and discussion

1420   Setting up a board a personal vision

                 Presentations by:

         The Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood, Scotland chair

         Dr Saleem Kidwai, Wales chair

         Anousheh Haghdadi, South West board chair

         Questions and discussion

1445   Coffee break

1500   Board guidance: supporting our people (paper #3 attached)

1545   Engaging with the UK Bosnian community

         Presentation by Anes Cerić, Secretary of UK Bosnian Network

         Questions from board members

1615   Conclusions and next steps

1630   Close

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